Murcia: Small Gestures to Solve Big Problems.

The level of toxic fumes in Murcia has gradually increased since the past century. This comes as a consequence of burning coal and fossil fuels, especially from cars.

At the beginning of the century, CO2 emissions were at their lowest rate. Later, the progressive advent of motor vehicles in our city has made pollution increase. Nowadays, it is at its highest level and has surpassed the 400 parts per million. This is an unbearable situation.  For this reason, the town hall has decided to activate an information protocol for the citizens. These measures aim to reduce this problem in our city.  

We the citizens can do something to solve this problem. Here are some tips:

-We must stop using so many plastic bags and choose reusable shopping bags. The use of reusable bags is better for the environment, because you don’t need to use a new plastic bag every time you go shopping.

-Stop using the car for short distances. Having is a short walk is cleaner and healthier for you.

-Riding your bike is more environmentally friendly than many motor vehicles. Moreover, there are bicycle lanes you can use for free and it’s easier to park.