Murcia is a wonderful place in the south east of Spain. You will find that people are very friendly here.

La Manga del Mar Menor Beach

It has many types of plants and also fauna, such as the Carrascales, Maquias and Búho real (Royal owl).

There are mountain landscapes such as Sierra Espuña. There are also beaches such as La Manga del Mar Menor. I like going to the beach on holidays, and you?

Murcia has got a rich and varied gastronomy. Have you tried pasteles de carne (meat pies)?. You can also find the best vegetables and fruits here.

Murcian meat pies

Moreover, there are very famous and beautiful villages, for instance, Caravaca de la Cruz, Calasparra, Cartagena, etc.

There are also monuments such as the Cathedral and Salzillo museum.

The Salzillo Museum

For all this, Murcia is a fantastic and touristic place. Would you like to come and visit our beautiful city?

I hope you will like it.


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