Dear reader,

    Now that I am honored to attract your attention, let me introduce myself. My name is Jesús and I work as a teacher at a high school of Murcia, where I teach the subject of English. I’ve been teaching English in several schools of our Region for the last 9 years, both public and private.

    This proyect was born in the summer of 2016. After spending a great year teaching in a small village of Murcia, I took a few weeks off for holidays after the end of the course. By and large, I had a positive balance about my time in this lovely town, and there are always things that can be improved (I always like to reflect on my teaching and I'd recommend it to every person in education).  Some experiences and responses from my pupils made me think of a need to develop a more critical attitude in their reading and writing skills, and after a small talk with the director of publications at the Regional Department of Education, this project was born. With this goal set in mind, it was time to get to work, and the following weeks were ones of documentation, research and reflection.

    With this site, we aim not only at promoting Murcia, but our main goal is to create a school linguistic project able to achieve an interdisplinary nature. Its articles and presentations are written in its entirety by pupils of CSE. 

    What makes “An Overview of Murcia” a unique project is that all of its articles are written by CSE pupils in English. In fact, this project will be basically developed in the second language class. We use English as a tool to communicate and promote the Region of Murcia, as it is a language known worldwide.

    Several months of research, hard work and commitment are now at the service of the international community to discover, learn about and enjoy the Region of Murcia.